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Florida resident Grandparents may provide opportunity for out-of-state students to receive tuition & fee waiver with new policy

A very generous offer has been made in Florida to offer this to a limited number of students. It might be worth investigating if you have a grandparent who lives in in the state. It gives you just one more reason to consider Florida as a great college option.

"In 2021, the Florida Legislature amended Section 1009.26, Florida Statutes, to create the Grandparent Waiver. Beginning with out-of-state undergraduate students admitted for the 2022-23 academic year, eligible students with grandparents residing in Florida may be eligible for a tuition and fee waiver for up to 110% of total degree hours.

Student Eligibility

Students must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for the grandparent waiver.

1. Be admitted as an undergraduate, degree-seeking student by a public, four-year university in Florida.

2. Have a grandparent who is a legal resident as defined in s. 1009.21(1), Florida Statutes: a person who has a legal relationship to a student’s parent as the natural or adopted parent or legal guardian of the student’s parent.

3. Earn a high school diploma comparable to a Florida standard high school diploma, or its equivalent, or complete a home education program.

4. Achieve one of the following:

a. An SAT combined score no lower than the 89th national percentile on the SAT. Though the term “national” appears in the statute, the intended percentile corresponds to the “SAT User” percentile published by the College Board. The current minimum combined score for a 2023-24 high school graduate is 1340. The required score for a 2024-25 graduate is 1340.

b. An ACT score concordant to the required SAT score above, using the latest published national concordance table developed jointly by the College Board and ACT, Inc. A concordant ACT score of 29 may also be used to qualify for both graduating classes listed above.

c. A Classic Learning Test (CLT) score concordant to the required SAT score specified above, using the latest published scoring comparison developed by Classic Learning Initiatives. A concordant score of 96 may also be used to qualify for both graduating classes listed above.

5. Enroll as a full-time degree-seeking, undergraduate student in the summer or fall term immediately following high school graduation."

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