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Drive one hour south of Detroit, 30 minutes south of Toledo, or two hours west of Cleveland, and find a really great mid-sized college you may never have heard of – they call it BGSU.

Like any other public university, BGSU has pretty much every major but there are some unique ones. One of the most unique is the Aviation program with an airport on campus (yes, ON campus!) BGSU also offers a Resort & Attraction Management degree where junior and senior classes are taught at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, right near really BIG roller coasters. You might also be surprised to find a robust Marine Biology major, using the Great Lakes for their field work. Other strong programs include:

* Engineering – With a $21MM investment they’ve married Engineering Tech with ABET programs for great hands-on opportunities. NOTE: CS is competitive with a 50% admit rate.

* Business – All kinds of great options. Apply Direct Admit bc it’s competitive.

* Nursing - Has 30% admit rate but has a 96% NCLEX pass rate!

* Also check out Architecture, Criminal Justice, Forensic Sciences, Education, and a variety of Arts majors.

Pres. Rogers has really focused on “Life Design” (started at Stanford) .....

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