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Step By Step College Advising

Our customized approach helps each student walk through the key steps necessary in the college decision-making process with the help of their independent college counselor.   Each student and family spends different amounts of time on the various aspects of Gravely Group College Advising's program, because each student is an individual!




Understanding the student, family and family goals using:


  •  GGCA’s Let’s Start Your College Journey Worksheets


  •  Interest Inventories, personality and career assessments


Guiding student and family through the college application process


Essay, student resume and personal statement development and review


Career and college major assessments and decisions


Monitoring deadlines, forms and recommendations during the entire process, and keeping family and student on track


Personalized high school curriculum design and transcript reviews


Creation of the college list using GGCA’s My Colleges Spreadsheet


Standardized test planning for ACT, SAT, Subject Tests, AP Tests


Preparation and practice for the college visits and interviews


Managing the college application process and application strategy (ED/EA/RD)


Advice as regards financial aid, the FAFSA/CSS and scholarship opportunities


One-on-One Support

Most importantly, all students get one-on-one support AND encouragement to stay on track so that the process is enriching and rewarding.

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Help Your Student Make The Most Important Decision In Their Life, The Best Decision Of Their Life.
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