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About Sheree Gravely

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A photo of Amy Sellars

Sheree Gravely has a passion for helping students discover their interests and to use that to find great college options. Years of experience in private industry, education, and as a parent make her ideal as an independent college counselor. 

Sheree graduated in 1986 from The University of Virginia with a BA in International Relations and French.  At the McIntire Commerce School at UVA she won the Philip Morris Marketing Competition. She was heavily involved in counseling undergrads as a Resident Assistant and Dorm Resident Manager in UVA's Residential Life program. Sheree also attended Northwestern's Kellogg School's Evening Manager's Program and The University of California-Riverside’s College Counseling Certificate Program.
Sheree has worked in the marketing industry at major corporations including Arthur Andersen, HJ Heinz, and Kraft Foods as a Marketing Director. She has been very involved in local education in a variety of ways and in a variety of institutions, including: School Advisory Councils, Fundraising, Reading & Writing Workshops, International Ex-Pat Education, and Junior Achievement. She is a Professional Member of the premier association of college advisors, 
IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association). Sheree also coordinates a group of IECs in the Midwest Virtual Group who meet with Admissions Officers on a regular basis. Sheree constantly attends higher-ed training opportunities, and is always visiting college campuses to gather the most up-to-date information for her students and families.  She has lived in a variety of cities in the US and Canada.
Sheree is married to Alan and has a daughter and two sons. The family loves to travel, scuba dive, ski and be active!

About Amy Sellars

Amy is an accomplished admissions advisor. She started her journey in medical school admissions , working alongside the admissions team of an elite medical school. Her experience on the inside of an admissions team offers an edge as a GGCA college advisor.

Amy attended  undergrad at University of Buffalo where she studied psychology. She also attended St. Bonaventure (MS School Counseling) and Louisiana Tech (MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology).

Her professional journey started as a Corporate Psychologist with a Fortune 500 company where she incorporated the study of social intelligence and talent selection through a variety of assessment tools, while creating workflow and performance evaluation tools. After receiving a second degree in Counseling Psychology, Amy worked with high school students as a Career Counselor in NY.  In addition to her passion for college advising, she cares about her client’s mental health and wellbeing throughout the application process.  

Through her company Vital Med School Advising, she focuses on the complicated and arduous med school application process, and brings that same  passion to helping undergrads and their families at  Gravely Group College Advising. 

Amy is the mom to 3 boys. 

About MaryAnne Klank

As a parent of two college-age children with ADHD and LD, MaryAnne understands the accessibility and executive function challenges these students face and the support they need to thrive. She has the knowledge needed to find the Right Fit colleges for these exceptional students.

She is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and attended the Summer Intensive Training Institute. She also has a degree in Education and almost 20 years navigating the ins and outs of both public school and college accessibility services. 

By working closely with both students and their families, She provides personalized guidance to identify colleges and universities that offer the right academic support and resources to accommodate their unique needs academically, socially, and emotionally.

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