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Dartmouth becomes inaugural Ivy League college to reintroduce its SAT/ACT testing requirement following a pause during the COVID

In this article from Market Watch, Dartmouth joins a variety of colleges now requiring test scores. Many schools in the South never stopped requiring tests, MIT and a few others announced the return of the requirement a year ago, and now Dartmouth is joining in. Let us know what you think?

"Are standardized testing requirements a thing of the past or poised to make a comeback in college admissions? Dartmouth’s announcement this week that it would reinstate a testing requirement for applicants after a COVID-era pause reignited this debate. 

There are some indications that other schools will follow. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology had previously announced it was reinstating its testing requirement and other colleges, like Brown, are investigating the benefits and drawbacks of the test-optional policy. A recent New York Times report argued in favor of requiring the tests, indicating that some college administrators were questioning test-optional policies. 

All these developments could give schools the political cover they need to take a controversial step and bring back standardized testing. 

But there are other signs that test-optional or test-blind policies could go from a pandemic blip to the norm. Roughly 2,000 colleges don’t require a standardized test, according to the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, which advocates in favor of test-blind and test-optional admissions policies."

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