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Brown University Announces They Will Require Tests for the High School Class of 2025

Change is a constant in the college admissions world. That's why Gravely Group College Advisors stay on top of the information we need to know to help your students. Now, another selective college, Brown University in Providence, RI, has announced they will require test scores. Many colleges in the South never stopped requiring tests, MIT and a few others announced the return of the requirement a year ago. More recently Dartmouth and Yale and now Brown have added tests back. More colleges may add that requirement in the next few months ... so we'll be watching. Let us know what you think?

"Brown University will reinstate standardized testing requirements for first-year applicants, beginning with the next admission cycle to admit the Class of 2029, the university announced Tuesday.

A committee convened last fall by President Christina Paxson made the recommendation to end Brown’s pandemic-era test-optional policy after studying the university’s admissions practices for six months.

“Our analysis made clear that SAT and ACT scores are among the key indicators that help predict a student’s ability to succeed and thrive in Brown’s demanding academic environment,” Provost Francis J. Doyle III said in the announcement. “Consideration of test scores in the context of each student’s background will advance Brown’s commitment to academic excellence and the university’s focus on ensuring that talented students from the widest possible range of backgrounds can access a Brown education.”

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