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Help Your Student Make The Most Important Decision In Their Life, The Best Decision Of Their Life.

Today’s college decision creates pressure on families to make the “right” choice.  But there are thousands of colleges and hundreds of choices. 


Let Gravely Group College Advising help you and your student

find the best college option!  

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We know your student

A School College Guidance Counselor averages 200-400 students per advising year.  They can’t get to know your student’s strengths and weaknesses, their unique experiences and their lifetime goals.  However a GGCA College Advisor can serve each student at a personal and in-depth level.  


We know the process

Whether it’s the first-time, second-time … or more, that your family has been through the process, each child's college application support is different.  Maybe your student is interested in Musical Theatre? Physical Therapy? Pre-Law? Pharmacy?   Playing sports in college? GGCA college consulting helps navigate the hundreds of options that might be right for your student and family.


We have the tools

The GGCA “curriculum” walks the student and family thru the college application process.  These tools make sure that each student can unearth the “gem” college that’s right for them.   Gravely Group College Advising is your college admission counselor, working towards the ultimate goal:  the best decision for your student’s on-going academic and professional growth.


We understand parents AND students

Sometimes the college application process is stressful for the family.  GGCA's college counseling can help “take down the temperature” to find the the best college option!

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"Sheree is extremely competent and an expert at the college admission process.  I highly recommend GGCA.  The cost for services was a fraction of the value we received ..."

"She listens to the student's desires and goals and develops a strategy to help them achieve their goals with specific milestones."

Sheree was wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable and took the time to understand the student and his likes and dislikes. She went out of her way to find colleges/universities that would be a good fit for my student.

"I appreciated the flexibility and guidance I received. Had I done this on my own I wouldn't have been as successful as I feel I am now!"


"GGCA services jump-started the college search process with our daughter and provided mediation and direction to what had been fruitless conversations between parent & child."

"I loved the assessments! They taught me much more about myself and what kind of environments (colleges) would fit me best."

"Working with Sheree was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  She had great rapport with our son."

"Sheree's knowledge about a wide variety of college options helped my student confidently narrow down applications to schools that appear to be a really

good fit ."


"Sheree is knowledgeable about the process, approachable and above all honest about what to expect."

"The personalized attention. My daughter really felt heard and it was good having a third impartial voice as part of the discussion"

" The college list development process opened our eyes to institutions we were not familiar with or had not considered, some of which offered significant merit scholarship." 

"Sheree's feedback and guidance on the essay was tremendously helpful and resulted in an essay that really showcased my student."

"Having an impartial third party involved in the process really helped take away some aggravation and heat from our family discussions."

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